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Because the hardest part for communicators isn't having something to say, it's knowing where to say it + implementing systems to make a greater impact with your ideas.  

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If you have a core message to share but it's not making the impact you feel it should, here are seven skills you need:

⚙️ Skill 1, Create a schedule that works in time-blocks— it always works when you implement these four tips

⚙️ Skill 2, Repurpose all of your content— whether it’s from a book, a note, social media, a coaching call, a speech, whatever… and share it in other forms so it gets “max life” and benefits the most people 

⚙️ Skill 3, Align your team around a common digital filing system— so stuff doesn’t get lost

⚙️ Skill 4, Create a content calendar for social media, so you know when to launch products and events, as well as when to focus on other things— including just fun and fluff

⚙️ Skill 5, Do your social media FAST— including “stories” and “reels” so you can spend your time doing the actual work you’re created and called to do

⚙️ Skill 6, Use templates for NINE+ things— effectively created “containers” that help you focus to a higher degree (I use templates for videos, courses, books, my schedule, and more!)

⚙️ Skill 7, Implement systems that get results— and know the few “must haves” for each system you create

The good news = these are skills-- not personality types, "gifts," or character traits. You can learn them, implement them, and get results!

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Ideas are easy, but crafting those ideas into consumable forms of content is sometimes hard!

If you’re a speaker, a pastor, a teacher, a coach, an influencer, communicator— or have NO PROBLEM "coming up" with the ideas, but need help packaging them in such a way you can "get them out there," Content Creation Made Simple is for you.

1. Identity your core message 

You probably have a LOT of ideas to share-- choose the driving theme, the common thread that ties it all together.

2. Implement the 7 systems & essential skills

Start where you are, and put into practice the concepts you learn in Content Creation Made Simple.

3. Increase your reach + grow your revenue

Make a bigger impact as more people encounter your ideas in numerous locations-- on and off-line.

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Meet your guide

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

I’m Andy Jenkins.

I’ve written 20+ books, crafted 50+ online courses, hosted multiple membership groups, and run the digital footprint for numerous ministries, nonprofits, and businesses. 

But I learned it all the hard way-- through time, experience, and more mistakes than I can count. 

After blundering my way through the it for about ten years (and having to "re-figure it out" every had a new book, course, or other form of content to share-- for myself or a client), my wife had an idea...

"Why don't you write these systems down?" she suggested. "They'll help you, AND you can share these processes with others!"

She was right.

✅ Coming up with the ideas and creating the messages were fun. 

❌ Crafting the content into forms I could share on social media, drop in emails, hand off to team members (and contract workers) was hard.

If I could sit around and study all day-- and then just talk or write a book-- I wouldn't need a system. But, I had to work with team members, I had to hand off content to clients, and I needed a workflow that "works," so I didn't have to start from scratch and figure it all out over and over... 

My guess is that you've got ideas-- core concepts-- you think others need to know. 

You know how to solve a problem people have-- or step them closer to a solution that serves them (and their friends and family). 

But the thought of social media and saying it online and figuring out time to do it, as well as wondering how to sort it and file it and store it so you can actually share it... 

... it might all seem overwhelming, so exasperating that you just don't ever start. 

I get it.

I created Content Creation Made Simple for me and my team to use...

 ... and, now, I'm making it available for next level communicators like you, people who have something to say but don't have time to sit back and learn the systems and skills to make the magic happen.

Content Creation Made Simple teaches you the following 7 skills

Skill 1, Time-block

Discover the value of working in time blocks, the reason you need objective measures in your workflow, and three things discipline achieves

Skill 2, Repurpose all of your content

Learn why you should work somewhere besides directly into the text editor of the online platform, everything you need to file in order to recycle, how to create subsequent courses (as well as emails, social media posts, podcasts,) and landing pages in a fraction of the time, the one thing required for this method to work

Skill 3, Maintain a digital filing system

Clearly you need a filing system, two things it costs you when you don’t have a good one (hint: lots of time and a whole lot more money), two things your filing system must include in order to work effectively and efficiently, why “what” you name things matters

Skill 4, Map (and schedule) 30 days of social media in just 3 hours

Discover why you should plan social media rather than working spur-of-the-moment, what people wrongly believe about social media, two things to do to “win” at it, 3 reasons to re-share your old content, how to increase engagement

Skill 5, Stories & reels with less stress

See the difference between stories and reels and all the other "terms" being tossed out there, learn how to manage pre-recorded content as opposed to live content (and vice versa), identify a sure-fire way to know what to say when you go live, and get training to use all of your video to draw people back to your website

Skill 6, Use templates for everything you can

Learn what a template is, how they make your work more productive, 9 ways you can implement them, 5 benefits of using templates...

(Tip: don't let the name of this skill fool you-- past participants say this lesson AND the lesson on time-blocking are EACH worth the cost of the entire video course alone!)

Skill 7, Create a system for every repeating action you do

Identify what a "good" system is, learn facts about systems and how to create them, how to know if you actually have a (valid) system in place, 5 requirements for systems to work well, what “people tensions” often reveal

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In 7 laser-focused lessons (plus the BONUS resources), you’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to know about…

... get the ideas out of your head and into the hearts of your ideal audience...

... with far less stress and greater levels of success!

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What Others Say

Chris Massie

When I first heard Andy deliver this content live, I was blown away. I had heard some of this information from others before, but not all of it out together in such a cohesive way.

I needed it.

When he launched Amplify Pro, I immediately signed up. I’m looking forward to the ongoing coaching to help me Amplify my current message (and messages to come!)

Jesica Estes

It teaches you how to use the same content from your original message in whatever form that may be, to create multiple types of media. 

… highly recommend it to anyone looking to amplify their message and generate income.

Info is well-structured, informative, and easy to follow… great investment for anyone looking to take their message to the next level.

Included in this training

🖥️ 7 modules of laser-focused training, to help you take YOUR message and share it with others more easily

📘 The complete eBook, outlining step-by-step instructions to make content creation “fast & easy” (assuming you already have something worthwhile to share)

📸 35+ illustrations— because “a picture is worth 1,000 words”— to help you see it more clearly


Common Questions

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Consider the value of implementing each new skill...

🗓️ If all this program achieves is ease the pressure in your schedule, showing you how to open-up time in your calendar to get things done with less stress, what would that be worth? 

♻️ Or if all this program did was show you how to find "old content" and place it back in front of others, so you could sell it-- and make money over and over, again and again-- such as we were able to do with Andy...

📁 Or if all this program did was help you find lost files (such as we did with Shawn, effectively selling and reselling a course for $500 over and over after we found his lost video files)

📱Or if all this course did was help you map and schedule 30 days of social media in just 3 hours-- as opposed to spending HOURS of multiple employees' time trying to figure out what to say... 

🎥 Or if all this course did was show you exactly what to say-- and when to say it online-- so you could serve your audience better while also removing the stress of figuring out "what to say" next (like we did for our friend George).

📐Or if all this course did was show you how to use templates effectively-- so you can turn talks into courses and courses into books and books into other forms of content... like we did for Kent.

⚙️Or if all this course did was show you how to implement replicable systems for every repeating action you do, so that you become more effective AND more efficient with each new pass... 

What would that be worth to you?

The truth is that Content Creation doesn't just do one of those things, it does them ALL...

And, it won't take you 10+ years of "figuring it out" (like it took us) to achieve it. 

You can begin right away!

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Purchasing the course? You'll also receive three limited-time bonuses!

Valued at $221 retail, these resources help you transform you concepts into shareable content even faster!

Bonus Video #1 

Learn how to grow your online audience with this easy-to-implement 4-step process.

Retail value: $97

Bonus Video #2

Discover how to create a template that serves your social media needs. Craft your plan, then plug-and-play.

Includes templates + worksheets

Retail value: $107

Bonus Audiobook!

Entire book read by the author, with additional commentary. 

Includes extra chapter, "How to start from scratch"

Retail value: $17

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Bonuses with course

Option 1 = eBook + audio

📘 eBook in BOTH ePub & PDF form (works on all eReaders). Total full-color PDF length = 174 pages

📘 Includes 35+ graphics to illustrate the concepts explained in the text

📘 complete audiobook experienced provided, as well as bonus videos

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Option 2 = complete course

⚙️ Everything in option 1, PLUS the video course.

⚙️ Recorded before a live audience, this 7-video resource will empower you to achieve more with less stress.

⚙️ Watch and review as often as you'd like, from all your devices

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