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We'll help you take your heart-message to the masses

Here are the three most common ways: books, websites, online courses.

Many people begin with the book.

A book may seem like a daunting project, but it can be done-- especially with the right strategy. 

If you create regular content (i.e., you're a pastor or a teacher or someone who like to blog and post), you probably already have everything you need in order to craft those ideas into a book.

We'll show you how.

Others need an online presence.

This often takes the form of a website (we suggest you begin there), a podcast, or a social media presence. 

The website is the place to begin, because it's your "home base." It's what you own.

Then, use social media + email strategies to inform and invite people back to your "house."

An online course helps people apply your concepts in the real world...

And it does so a a more personal way than a book does. When you jump on video and interact with others-- even if it's an "on demand" course, it creates a level of intimacy and application unlike most other platforms. 

And, people aren't tied to a specific time and place to learn. 

There's no shipping involved, so people anywhere in the world can access your message at any time.

What You Can Achieve

Developing your content creates a way for you to monetize your message, it helps you share what you've learned with a wider audience (one that's not bound by time and space), and it helps you re-purpose great ideas of yours from the past and share them with a new audience.

The process is simple...

... and we'll be there with you every step of the way.

First, get it out of your head and onto paper.

It doesn't have to look pretty at this point. In fact, it probably won't. 

But once we get it out of your head, we can work on it.

Not sure how to get it out? 

We'll show you...

Second, work and re-work it.

The most inspired ideas take a bit of time. The grow a life of their own.

And that life comes to fruition as we talk through the concepts. 

In the same way you assemble and re-assemble Legos, we adjust and readjust your core concepts with you-- looking at them from different angles to see how they best fit and flow together.

Third, finally, we share your message with the masses.

That is, we amplify the thoughts of your heart and let them echo forth to others.

Whether your project takes the form of a book, a website, a podcast, a workshop, a video course, or a combination you create, we share the message with others. 

After all, that's why you created it-- to make sure others know!

Common Questions

Three Ways We Can Help

Whether you just need a jump-start  or prefer to have someone ride with you for the entire journey, we're here.

Option 1 = We help you make a map, then you do the work

We can sit and help you develop a strategy from where you are to where you want to be, given your: 

  • Content 
  • Ways you might like to see it shared (book, course, etc.)
  • Time commitments (i.e., how much time can you reasonably work on this?)

Then, we can make a map-- with you and for you-- that empowers you to do the work.

Option 2 = We make a map and then ride along with you

This option goes farther than simple making a plan. Here, we'll look over your shoulder for the entire journey, making sure you stay on the right track. 

If option 1 is the equivalent of handing you a time-tested map and sending you on a road trip, option 2 is like taking a road trip with you.

You still do the work, but we're there to make sure you know what work to do and when.

Option 3 = We make a map and then we drive

The most robust option, we do all of the heavy lifting. 

We write it, we create it, we develop it...

It's your message, so after we get it all on paper, we work together during the editing process to make sure it reflects your voice. 

We're proficient in the following, and more!

With experience in publishing, running a branding agency, writing books and online courses, and more, we've done it all. 

What's your next project, and how can we help?

We'll be in touch w/in one biz day!