Your 11-point plan to make the publishing game work in your favor and multiply + monetize your message

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If you’re a speaker, a pastor, a teacher, a coach, an influencer, communicator— or have something to share but aren’t sure how to get started— and thought you needed a publisher’s permission to amplify your message to the world… we’ve got an easier way.

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Share the problem you solve & the potential you lead others towards w/ the 8+ ways outlined!

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Do you have a message inside, waiting to come forth?

‼️You’ve wanted to write, coach, or train others… but you’ve felt the time crunch and just assumed this must be something “others” can do… but not you.

‼️You see a market flooded with books, courses… and you wonder, “Does MY message really have a place? Is there room for me?”

‼️You’ve heard stories about how long it takes to move a project through production and and into publication.

‼️You shirk at the technology needed to launch a podcast, set up a website, run a blog.

‼️You’re nervous (understandably) about the expense associated with a project like this.

‼️You’ve felt led to share— even called— but you haven’t been sure how to start. And, without a starting line, the prospect seems overwhelming.

Permission Over Process is for you!

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Meet the author

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

Few people know how to curate ideas, craft a message, and then create multiple forms of media from the content like Andy. 

An author of 2 dozen books, he's spoken from the stage for 20+ years to groups of all sizes, led online membership programs, and created 50+ online courses.

And he knows social media & email marketing.

He's helped others amplify their message; now he's ready to help you. 

You'll learn...

✅ While maintaining control of your message (instead of entrusting it to a publisher) is the best and most financially lucrative option for most authors and communicators

✅ How to promote your message— even if you don’t have much experience or any time to do it

✅ The best ways to multiply your message— and transform it into different forms of media— without having to create something new or do more work

✅ The bigger picture— everything else you can do once you’ve distilled your message into a book

You don’t need permission | You need a process

With the right processes in place and a proven framework, you can do it!

Sure, there are hundreds of ideas similar to your floating around. What’s “new” to the marketplace… is YOUR perspective, your unique point-of-view.

If you do it, you definitely don’t want to wait a year or more— and you don’t need to. You can move from conception to publication in days… not months or even weeks.

The tech has never been easier— provided you have the right tools in hand.

Tip: your message is most likely bigger than a book!

We encourage communicators to “start with the book” but not “stop there.”

Once you have everything pulled together in book form (even if you choose not to publish it), you have all the content you need to create a website, launch a podcast, create a course, coach, and just about everything else.

Once your ideas are contained in one space, you have everything you need to multiply and monetize your message.

You’ve been entrusted with the message… that means you’re the guardian AND the giver of the concepts you’ve been given.

After you create it, you can multiply & monetize your message, so it can fund its way forward.

And, you can set some processes in place so the message can fund itself!

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Process Over Permission distills the concepts from part 2 of the Amplify framework

📣 Concise = 6 chapters, 136 pages, 5.5” x 8.5” 

📣 Clear = Uses stories and real-life examples to help you apply the 11 lessons

📣 Graphics and illustrations and charts help you “see” what you learn

📣 No waiting = instant access to the eBook

📣 Optional upgrade to the audiobook available 

📣 Learn how to bolster your message and build out an ecosystem that includes more profitable (and often easier to create) forms of your content 

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What Others Say

Chris Massie

When I first heard Andy deliver this content live, I was blown away. I had heard some of this information from others before, but not all of it out together in such a cohesive way.

I needed it.

When he launched Amplify Pro, I immediately signed up. I’m looking forward to the ongoing coaching to help me Amplify my current message (and messages to come!)

Jesica Estes

It teaches you how to use the same content from your original message in whatever form that may be, to create multiple types of media. 

… highly recommend it to anyone looking to amplify their message and generate income.

Info is well-structured, informative, and easy to follow… great investment for anyone looking to take their message to the next level.

Before we "do the work" we've got to "see it" clearly.

The publishing world has changed. We're no longer limited to books-- or even traditional publishers. 

There are multiple ways to get your MESSAGE out-- and even MONETIZE it. 

It all begins with knowing what to do with that message, so you can make the best decision(s) for you.

Whether you want to write a book, create a website & blog, host a podcast, teach online courses, coach, or generate recurring revenue through membership programs...

Process Over Permission is your 11-point plan to multiply & monetize your message 

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In the not-so-distant past, you needed a publisher. They were the gatekeepers. No messages made it through without them.

Not so any longer.

The content-creation / publishing game has changed over the past few years. Now, things work more in YOUR favor than ever before.

You no longer need someone’s permission to share your message with the world, you just need a process.


In this book you’ll learn 11 distinct reasons why NOW is the time to share your message with the world. And, you’ll not only discover WHY it’s time to put a megaphone on your message, but you’ll see exactly HOW to do it…

You’ll learn how to—

⚙️ Continue refining your message

⚙️ Make your message easier to access by more people

⚙️ Repurpose parts of it to bolster your authority

⚙️ Identify processes that can propel your message forward

⚙️ Create recurring revenue as you take people on a journey of discovery

⚙️ Work through different forms of media to insure more people hear what you’ve got to say

This is your 11-point plan to make the content-creation game work in your favor and multiply + monetize your message in the process.

More Praise for Amplify

Sonia Guerrero-Collins

If you carry a message in your heart and you want to put it out and AMPLIFY it, but not sure how to execute, you must grab this book AND take this course!

I was blown away by Andy’s contagious enthusiasm, energizing and his inspiring delivery of the modules.

... very well organized with the info needed. 


Randy Pardue

I have bought several courses over the past, to grow myself in the area of book launches, courses, and workshops... by far the best product I have used.

Andy makes things plain and simple. The course is laid out in a very user friendly way. From day one you have a step-by step-plan to move forward in growing and amplifying your message.

This is a no-brainer if your goal is to impact people and grow a movement!

Now with a bonus chapter!

👉 A friend who was about to launch a new book + companion video course asked how to "sell it" online.

👉 He didn't have a website to host it, and knew nothing about marketing, promotion, paywalls, and logins...

👉 I emailed him a step-by-step process.

👉 We transformed that email into a chapter for this resource!

👉 He successful launched his book + course!

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