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Objective: Articulate the mission, align your team, apply for award-winning grants, and serve others at a higher level

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Our nonprofit framework helps you build a stable foundation...

... so that you can move the mission forward... stronger, for longer.

Learn the five facets of the nonprofit framework

Each of the 5 facets of the nonprofit framework matter EQUALLY as much as the others. It's essential to see how they fit together.

Start working on each of them at the same time

Rather than working through a step-by-step process, you've got to touch on each of them at the same time, continuing to refine the whole.

Make consistent forward progress + serve at a higher level

In the same way a "locked cog" can stop an engine, so also must you move each gear in the framework forward together.

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If you find yourself frustrated AND simultaneously excited about your organization, we understand. 

Nonprofits are unique.

🔥 They have staff members (employees) AND ALSO rely on the strength of volunteer

🔥 They CAN sell stuff, but they most often lean heavily on donations for their funding mechanism 

🔥The founders-- and leaders-- jump into them because of the mission, yet often find themselves BY NECESSITY having to deal with money 

🔥The needs know no limits

We understand, because we've been there..

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

With 25+ years experience in the nonprofit world, including: 

💰Fundraising for an International organization 

📝Writing the program and developing the coursework for another

🚀 Launching a start-up to help men, women, and families coming from streets, out of prison, off drugs, and even human trafficking

📌 Consulting for numerous others

⚙️ Working side-by-side with the founder in yet another...

We've seen the highs, lows, and all the things in between.

If you're facing it, we can help.

The 5-part nonprofit framework equips you to stay focused on the mission while also handling "business."

1 | Clarify your mission

Make sure that it's written, that you have objective metrics in place, and that you can monitor your progress.

This is essential for the clients you serve, for the donors who fund you, the staff who partners with you... and... for you.

Articulate the mission in terms of: 

 ✅ The potential you help people achieve

 ✅ The specific problem you overcome

 ✅ The path / program that helps them move forward

 ✅ Progress points along the way from beginning to end

Each of these should be objective, not subjective.

2 | Lead your people 

Nonprofits not only lead staff members (read: employees), they also leverage the help of dedicated volunteers.

Both groups need to know not only know the Program / Path, they also need clarify regarding:

⚙️ Their specific "job description" (even if it's a volunteer role)

⚙️ How they know if they've succeeded or not

⚙️ The part this position plays in the bigger picture of the overall mission and why it's important 

⚙️ What latitude they have to make decisions 

3 | You can't always be "on" and you can't micromanage...

What you can do, is this...

"If you want something done right," they say, "do it yourself."

Or, as an alternative, write it down. 

Create clarity on: 

👉 What needs to be done

👉 The steps to get it complete

👉 What constitutes "finished" and "excellent"

We've learned that most "people tensions" are actually systems issues in disguise. Quite simply, people get confused (naturally) when they're not sure what to do

4 | Create the environment you want 

One of the most overlooked facets of business and nonprofits is the culture of the organization. 

Someone said it well: "Culture trumps everything else."

Culture WILL happen. You can create that culture by design or by default. 

Set the culture you WANT by building authentic (not artificial  or aspirational) core values into your organization. Moreover, make sure they're not "watered-down" to things that SHOULD be givens (i.e., honesty, integrity, etc., shouldn't be core values... they should be "permission to even show up and participate in leadership" values). 

Core values should be unique to you.

5 | Identify the funding mechanisms

You can carry the mission...

... as far as the money will allow.

Though you didn't get into the nonprofit world to chase money, it's a necessity. You need "gas in the tank."

We can help you identify up to SEVEN different funding sources so you can focus on what you do best-- without the stress.

They all work together...

Each of the five facets of the nonprofit framework matter EQUALLY as much as the others. So, rather than working through a step-by-step process, you've got to touch on each of them at the same time, continuing to refine the whole.

In the same way a "locked cog" can stop an engine (and, in the same way a super-fast one can't speed it up any quicker than the other cogs go!), so also must you move each gear in the framework forward together.

How much help?

Whether you simply want us to give you INFORMATION that can equip you, provide INTERACTION that can empower & encourage you, or  offer INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT WORK, we're here to help you Amplify [read: multiply + monetize] your message.

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Some leaders prefer connection and/or community. Whether you prefer being taught in a group setting or meeting 1:1, we can help. 

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