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Objective | Produce videos, courses, podcasts, blogs, and other forms of media… and get paid for what you know

Three Ways We Can Help
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Clarify your message + share it with the world!

If it's going to make an impact, it makes sense to articulate it well... and then amplify it!

Clarify your core message.

You have a message that's uniquely you. It's not borrowed or contrived, though it's probably been informed by many sources

Refine your message and start sharing.

Articulate the problem you solve, the potential you lead people towards, the path  to get there...

Make an impact.

Celebrate the change you see in others as they apply your core principles. And, note how revenue grows in the process.

Get started!

It can be wonderfully frustrating, can't it!?

Sometimes, it's hard to figure out how to get the words out of your head and onto the printed page...

... and then to move them from the page into a format that looks like a book, has a table of contents, and boasts and actually cover.

Then you've got to launch it, not only showing others why they NEED your book but how to get it.

And then there are "all the other things," such as webpages, email funnels, podcasts, blogs, and... well... 

... it CAN all be overwhelming. 

If you've got a message that matters and makes a positive difference in others, we want to help you platform it!

Meet your trainer

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

Few people know how to curate ideas, craft a message, and then create multiple forms of media from the content like Andy. 

An author of 2 dozen books, he's spoken from the stage for 20+ years to groups of all sizes, led online membership programs, and created 50+ online courses.

And he knows books, websites, social media, email marketing, and all the other pieces.

He's helped others amplify their message; now he's ready to help you. 

We created a 4-part framework to help you multiply + monetize your message and make a bigger impact! 

Step 1 | Clarify your message

Your MESSAGE solves a problem, offers a solution...

You might not have put it in "those words" yet, but you need to.

And you need to go further. You need show people--

🏁 Potential = where you're taking them, what life will be like when they apply your teaching

🏁 Path = a proven road to get there

🏁 Progress = milestones along the way that show forward movement

We can help you clarify the message.

Step 2 | Repurpose the content 

There are multiple ways to create content, share it, organize it so it can be re-shared... and even move it towards both FREE and PAID forms.

We outline a 7-point "process within the framework" (our "Methods") which can help you achieve more with less energy and far less stress...

... while also setting you up for more success.

Step 3 | Keep it going

It's a mistake to create a training, a talk, a sermon, or or something else...

... and then only share it (or launch it) once.

We'll show you how to continue giving the message new life in countless ways-- many of them lead-generating and revenue-creating if you choose to use them that way.

Step 4 | Always have next steps

Build an ecosystem from your entire framework, showing-- for you, internally-- how your products and offers align, so you always know the "next best step" for the client.


... as they complete one step, always highlight the next.

In this way, you can serve them at a higher level, longer term.  When that happens, everyone benefits.

How much help?

Whether you simply want us to give you INFORMATION that can equip you, provide INTERACTION that can empower & encourage you, or  offer INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT WORK, we're here to help you Amplify [read: multiply + monetize] your message.

Option 1 | Content

Some people prefer to get the info and then "run with it." Click here to access suggested books & courses for content creators.

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Option 2 | Coaching

Some leaders prefer connection and/or community. Whether you prefer being taught in a group setting or meeting 1:1, we can help. 

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Option 3 | Contract Work

Schedule a complimentary 1:1 call. Together, we'll determine the scope of work and see if we can serve you at a higher level.

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