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Objective: Navigate into digital marketing… and, as you develop your content, get started right, with a strong foundation for future growth

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You can do it; we can help.

Even if you're at the ground level, remember, everyone starts somewhere. Now is your time!

Walk through the essentials.

Learn the 4-step framework to "going online" and building a business that works.

Take action as you learn.

Build it from the ground up, starting with the essentials (the right kind of website) and then add layer upon layer.

Sale and scale.

As you see a financial return, re-invest some of your earnings into next level practices, such as ads-- and continue growing.

Get started!

It can be wonderfully frustrating, can't it!?

That's a snap of a napkin where-- when we were at dinner one night-- I answered the question of "what you need to start selling your content online."

Some of the words look familiar...

... yet some of them might as well be, well, chicken scratch.

🐓 🐓 🐓 🐓 🐓 

Building a content-driven online business doesn't have to be difficult, though. You just need a step-by-step process to understand the essentials... and then start executing.

Meet your trainer

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

Few people know how to curate ideas, craft a message, and then create multiple forms of media from the content like Andy. 

An author of 2 dozen books, he's spoken from the stage for 20+ years to groups of all sizes, led online membership programs, and created 50+ online courses.

And he knows books, websites, social media, email marketing, and all the other pieces.

He's helped others amplify their message; now he's ready to help you. 

The 4-part framework for beginners

Step 1 | Acquire the right tools & get proficient at using them

In the online world we use several common tools. They're so familiar you already use each of them almost every day.

🖥️ Websites

📬 Email

📲 Social Media

📳 Text

What you're probably NOT familiar with is how to "build" and "edit" and use these tools for your use-- to multiply & monetize your message. 

Beginning with building the right kind of website (your home base, which houses everything else), we'll show you how.


Step 2 | Start serving others

After building your home base (your website), it's time to begin serving others-- with your message. 

We outline a 4-step process to empower you to  build an audience of people who actually want to hear what you have to say, take action when you post, and often want to take next steps and purchase once you have an offer ready.

Step 3 | Something to sell + sales funnels and tools to share it

The Amplify framework shows you how to repurpose all of your content into high-ticket, low-ticket, and free forms of media. 

You'll learn how to lead people from free value-driven resources that serve them well to even better paid products that help them at a higher level.

Step 4 | Continue refining the messaging-- what you do AND how people can join

Finally, we distinguish between branding (clearly articulating what you do) and marketing (asking for the sale). 

Even the most experienced online marketers can fall flat... on both 

But, for people to "do business" with you and give you money, they need to know two things: 

✅ What you do-- that is, the core offer you're known for

✅ How to contract your services, make a purchase, etc.

We'll help you do both!

How much help?

Whether you simply want us to give you INFORMATION that can equip you, provide INTERACTION that can empower & encourage you, or  offer INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT WORK, we're here to help you Amplify [read: multiply + monetize] your message.

Option 1 | Content

Some people prefer to get the info and then "run with it." Click here to access suggested books & courses for people just getting started.

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Option 2 | Coaching

Some leaders prefer connection and/or community. Whether you prefer being taught in a group setting or meeting 1:1, we can help. 

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Option 3 | Contract Work

Schedule a complimentary 1:1 call. Together, we'll determine the scope of work and see if we can serve you at a higher level.

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