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Objective: Get the max impact from your website, grow my online audience, and acquire tools to make sales online

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The online space is the perfect place to platform your message.

Once you clarify your message, it's as simple as following our step-by-step process.

Access the 4-part online marketing framework

Build a specific type of website, begin communicating TOWARDS your site rather than away from it, and serve the people who connect.

Run the play and watch your online audience grow

As your audience grows, continue welcoming new friends, build relationship with them, and steer them towards the content most relevant to their needs.

Amplify your profits as you serve more people at each stage in their journey

Repurpose your paid content,  then direct people towards your sales funnel... and then towards their next best steps.

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One of the biggest problems online marketers face is identify a process they can run, over and over, without having to reinvent the wheel every few months. 

Or, without having to work in “all night spurts” every few months.

You need a proven process— a playbook— you can use, at a sustainable pace, that gets predictable results.

Meet your trainer

Andy Jenkins, Creator | The Amplify Framework 

Few people know how to curate ideas, craft a message, and then create multiple forms of media from the content like Andy. 

An author of 2 dozen books, he's spoken from the stage for 20+ years to groups of all sizes, led online membership programs, and created 50+ online courses.

And he knows books, websites, social media, email marketing, and all the other pieces.

He's helped others amplify their message; now he's ready to help you. 

We created a 4-part framework to help you multiply + monetize your message and make a bigger impact! 

Step 1 | Build a website with clear messaging and an opt-in that collects contact info of your visitors.

While you do, create an opt-in that provides interested visitors with something of value in exchange for their contact info. Nurture the relationship via a value-driven email sequence.

Whereas people who aren't interested will turn away, people who ARE your clear target market will self-identity and come in closer.

In our marketing framework we outline 3 types of sites-- sites that sit (like a dentist office), sites that sell (like Amazon), and sites that serve (what you want to build).

Step 2 | Create a regular rhythm of posting new content on your site that serves, giving everyone a reason to return.

Do two things at this point: 

💙 Pick your format. You can post via video, text, audio (podcast) or a combo.

💙 Pick your pace. Maintain a consistent flow of sharing new content each week (best), every other week, or even once-a-month.

Regular content establishes you as an authority-- an expert-- who can help people move from where they are to where they're designed to be.

Note: by all means, don't send people from your site do social media-- from the place you "own" to online space you borrow. Do the opposite!

Step 3 | Let them know when you've posted something new-- via email, social media, and (possibly) text.

Use the following:

👉 Email broadcast = to everyone on your list, to let them know there's new content for them to see

👉 Email sequence = be sure to make the content evergreen by placing it in your opt-in sequences 

👉 Text broadcasting = if you want to go "next level" 

Again, don't send people from your site to social media platforms. Use those platforms to invite people to your site when you have new content, collect their contact info, and continue communicating.

Step 4 | Navigate people from free content towards paid content, to the places you're able to serve them at a higher level.

In the marketing resources we show you how to-- 

đŸ”„Make your content evergreen, so that it doesn't just serve the needs of the moment, but it connects with your audience long-term

đŸ”„Move people forward naturally-- from where they are to the information on your site most relevant to their needs

đŸ”„Monetize your best stuff, so you can continue sharing your message.


It all goes back to consistency, to building a home base that's reputable, that has reliable information, and serves people in relevant ways.

We'll show you how to build the "next steps" for your audience in our training..

Different forms of MEDIA allow you to charge less and sell to a wider audience, or charge more to a smaller audience. Moreover, you can do them all...

⭐ At the highest places in your ecosystem, you'll find MORE people paying you LESS money for MINIMAL access to you.

⭐ At the deepest places in your funnel, you'll see FEWER people playing MORE money for MAX access.

You can do it; we can help.

How much help?

Whether you simply want us to give you INFORMATION that can equip you, provide INTERACTION that can empower & encourage you, or  offer INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT WORK, we're here to help you Amplify [read: multiply + monetize] your message.

Option 1 | Content

Some people prefer to get the info and then "run with it." Click here to access suggested books & courses for online marketers.

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Option 2 | Coaching

Some leaders prefer connection and/or community. Whether you prefer being taught in a group setting or meeting 1:1, we can help. 

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Option 3 | Contract Work

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