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The right tools help you amplify your message louder, clearer, and with greater clarity.

Below, I've listed several of my "go to" tools," categorizing them by software and hardware. Each group is listed in the order in which I would acquire them, the relative importance I place upon them.

As well, I've included a few descriptions as to how I use those tools and the approximate cost.




We use Kajabi for our website, web hosting, and more. Our courses, landing pages, and even our podcasts are found on Kajabi. This is the “all-in-one” platform referenced in Chapter 10. Payment integration works well with Stripe and PayPal, so that you won’t need an additional shopping cart. Email broadcasts and sequences can be run from Kajabi— if you’ve received an email from me, it’s come through Kajabi’s software.

Register for a free 30-day trial using our link, and we’ll provide you with training, templates, and more.

Estimated cost: About $150 / month (can go higher if you expand your digital footprint, but Kajabi can grow with you).

Free 30 day trial + training here


I schedule all of my social media— and client social media— through CinchShare. CinchShare allows you to schedule well into the future on virtually every social media platform.

CinchShare also keeps a record of your past posts, so you can locate them and re-use them (remember, your ability to recycle your content is only as good as your filing system, so you’ll want to create folders as you begin sharing).

Estimated cost: About $10 / month— and worth every penny.

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Whereas you can create some assessments in Kajabi, Interact allows you to take these to the next level.  I currently use these for complex assessments— I use Kajabi for “pass/fail” scenarios and use Interact for assessments such as personality profiles in which there are no “wrong” answers.  

Interact requires some configuration to connect to Kajabi— but I’ve been able to send people emails from Kajabi after they take an Interact assessment by using Zapier. Interact can be embedded in your site, or you can create it in such a way that visitors don’t recognize they’re on a different platform.

Estimated cost: About $30 / month

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Wix is our online shopping platform for physical products. Though we handle some physical products through Kajabi (mainly when we place people in a funnel— with a “free + shipping” offer or something of that nature), we use Wix when we want people to be able to select sizes (for items such as t-shirts) and quantities (i.e., multiple books or planners). 

We found that Shopify is a bit more cumbersome than we want (the “lite” version of Shopify doesn’t really do enough, and the full version is too robust and not worth— for us— the cost). Wix can embed, can connect directly to ShipStation, and can work— through Zapier— with Kajabi.

You need Wix if you plan to create an online store with multiple physical products. 

Estimated monthly cost: Plans begin around $19 / month

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If you’ve received anything in the mail from us it came through ShipStation. ShipStation integrates with the Post Office, so you can buy postage only when you need it, verify the address of your receiver, and track your package.

You only need ShipStation if you’re sending physical products regularly. If you’re only working with digital content, you can bypass this.

Estimated monthly cost: Begins about $10 and grows with you

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Zapier creates web-hooks and allows software(s) that don’t have built-in integrations to communicate with each other. For instance, Interact doesn’t natively communicate with Kajabi, but I can use a web-hook though Zapier to send emails to people from Kajabi after they complete an Interact assessment. Or, I can use Zapier to send shipping info to my ShipStation— where other transactions are handled— instead of shipping directly from Kajabi.

Estimated monthly cost: About $10 to begin— can go higher, depending on how many web-hooks you create.

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Project Broadcast

I referenced Project Broadcast when I shared how texting can be used like email. Project Broadcast allows you to create broadcasts and sequences, as well as “tripwires” and opt-ins. You can also tag and untag people.

Project Broadcast enables you to respond directly to people from your phone (through their app), such that you can text back and forth with people who respond to your texts. Project Broadcast also has a desktop interface, so you can create your workflow on a computer instead of working only on a smartphone.

Estimated monthly cost: Plans start as low as $15/month. You purchase texting credits, which rollover and continue accumulating until you use them.

Register here


Works great as a “pop-up” on social media platforms such as Instagram, so you can create multiple links.

I use the free option and regularly update it with a new post, opt-in, or other webpage I want to highlight.

Estimated cost: Free, but paid plans are available which allow you to customize the look of your “tree.”

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