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We primarily serve by providing content (books & courses), coaching (individual & group), and contract work.

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Guidebooks and practical roadmaps to multiply + monetize your message

The best overview, the bigger picture

30K foot flyover that highlights how it "all fits together"-- from books to blogs to podcasts and social media, emails and strategy to marketing & sales, from coaching and courses and even membership programs. 

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You can do it / we'll help

Learn how the publishing game now works in your favor AND why now is the best time to multiply & monetize your message with this 11-point blueprint to make it happen.

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Instant access to content crafted to help you multiply & monetize your message

Get your message out!

Learn how the publishing game now works in your favor AND why now is the best time to multiply & monetize your message with this 11-point blueprint to make it happen.

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When, where, how to share it!

Discover how to share + re-share all of your content. Reach more people NOT by saying more things but by repurposing everything you have into books, course, coaching, and more.

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Get paid for your expertise

Many people want to know what you know-- and will pay you to teach them, over time, as part of your subscribing community. Here's how... 

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WIth the right process in place...

You can share your message far and wide with less stress... if you rely on these seven systems. Spend your time sharing the message rather than handling the tech, etc. 

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PDF downloads, worksheets & templates

Frameworks to clarify your communication and more

Infinite ROI workbook + audio

Fill-in-the-blanks in the 7-step Infinite ROI messaging framework to clarify your message, community internally  externally, and collect higher returns...

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Grant Template

Know what to say, where to say it, and how to say it with our grant template for mission-driven nonprofits. Fill-in-the-blank, examples included.

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Available Courses 

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Gear Up! | for church leaders

An on-demand course to empower pastors and church leaders to make bigger impact online-- and offline.  Articulate your mission, amplify it online, connect with others & grow a great church.

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Say it, then sell it!

Learn how to get the content out of your head and into the book. And, use the step-by-step process to launch it well and make a bigger impact.

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Clarify what you do

Once you clearly state what you do, people know why they need your services... and, they take action. Infinite ROI amplifies your investment-- and your clients' as well.

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Share online + offline

Includes content on how to start from scratch, how to grow an online audience, and how to build your online home base. Plus, how to share your core message through it all.

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The bigger picture

See how it all fits together-- everything from websites to sales pages to blogs and emails and growing your online audience-- and, use the templates to implement it.

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The Roadmap

New to the online world? Learn everything from how to set up webpages, build funnels, run your social media accounts and more + sell this course and keep 100% of the profits.

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You need a system

If you've got ideas to share, use the seven processes outlined here to share them, re-share them, monetize them, and more... with less stress

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Build a subscribing community

A step-by-step process to build a program around your expertise whereby people pay you regularly for what you know. Includes the launch framework.

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Sale & scale

A course that highlights how to use Facebook ads to grow your audience and sell, common mistakes, and how to decide which ad strategy will work for you.

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Handle the money, focus on the mission

Discover where to find the grant makers, understand what to say and how to say it, and implement a system that generates predictable revenue with grants.

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Especially for nonprofits

Created with the unique needs of nonprofits in mind, learn how to build your digital footprint, communicate your mission, and move your organization forward.

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Amplify Course

An online course to help you multiply + monetize your message. A practical journey through the complete framework: the mind-shifts, the media, and the methods.

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Featured Coaching

Work long-term, short-term, or with a group

1:1 Coaching, 14 sessions

Work 1:1 for 7 months. 2x Zooms every 30 days + access to the complete video course forever. Also receive the book + audiobook + group coaching modules.

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1:1 Consulting, 3 sessions

Short-term work to help you identify your strengths and opportunities, while also shoring up the weak areas. 3 sessions, replays provided. 

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Amplify Pro! 

The online content + coaching + community trifecta crafted to empower you to multiply & monetize your message | Offers the support + encouragement you need

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